Walking the Camino -
in safety and with happiness

The pilgrims are anxiously waiting to walk again along one of the Ways of Saint James.

But the Way has changed! 
The new rules due to the crisis of the Crown have disturbed many.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

With the "PilgrimCard"

from "InfoPoint.help"

you have again more security

and you can enjoy your Camino!


We help pilgrims

For the next pilgrim season I can offer you the service of the "PilgerCard"!


I am pleased that we were able to meet the founder of the "PilgerCard" Michael Vollmer during the Corona era and were able to combine our ideas and offer the "PilgerCard" together. 

In the last 3 years, during which I have been able to attend to many pilgrims in my small Albergue de la Vía de la Plata, I have offered my pilgrims a WhatsApp service to accompany them on their way. This was a great help for many pilgrims who did not speak the Spanish language, to book accommodation, for medical consultations and advice on the etappas and more.

As the Way intended, Michael Vollmer and I met this year with our almost identical ideas and philosophies -
and now you pilgrims can benefit from it!

What does the "PilgerCard" contain and offer? 

See HERE  below


What does

the "PilgerCard" offer?

You can enjoy your Camino without worrying about emergencies and accommodation!

Here in the PDF you can see what your advantages are in detaile.


PREMIUM :   70,00  €    

Camino Fisterra 

Camino Frances o Via de la Plata


PREMIUM EXTRA :   70,00 €   

  • for a path with more health and happiness than possible

  • Muscle Oil, Repair Oil

  • T-shirts, Jewelry,

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